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IYER30-Raghavi R

24,5ft 4in,Financial Analyst

Family oriented, god fearing

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IYER247 - Shloka Ramakrishnan | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: Shloka Ramakrishnan Age: 25
Dob : 1990-08-25 Native : Other
Color: White Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 56 Rasi: Thulam
Gothra: Athreya Nakshatram: Chittirai
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Chittirai
Education: B.Com,CA Inter. Appearing CA Final Nov., Profession: Chartered Accountant
About Bride: Jovial, friendly, talented , caring person. Wants to study further which the groom and family should support....
IYER237 - PRASANNA DEEPTHA | Last login: 34 days ago

Dob : 1990-12-11 Native : Salem
Color: White Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 70 Rasi: Kanni
Gothra: BHARATHWAJAM Nakshatram: Hastam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Hastam
Education: B.COM ICWA Inter ACS 1St MODULE Profession: TRAINEE IN CMRL
IYER129 - ARTHI | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: ARTHI Age: 23
Dob : 1991-06-28 Native : Bangalore
Color: Brown Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 68 Rasi: Makaram
Gothra: BHARADWAJA Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Education: B.E. Profession: ASSOCIATE ANALYST
About Bride: We are from a middle class family and our native place is Mettur Dam and our grand parents are from Kumbakonam...
IYER224 - K.C.Aishwarya | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: K.C.Aishwarya Age: 23
Dob : 1991-12-25 Native : Madurai
Color: Pink Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 70 Rasi: Simmum
Gothra: Athreya Nakshatram: Makam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Makam
Education: B.Tech(CSE) Profession: Project Management executive
About Bride: ...
IYER147 - C.KRISHNAPRIYA | Last login: 34 days ago

Dob : 1990-09-06 Native : Madurai
Color: Brown Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 50 Rasi: Meenam
Gothra: Kousigam Nakshatram: Utthirattathi
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Utthirattathi
Education: MBA Profession: Asst.Manager in a Pvt Financial Coy.
About Bride: My daughter is a god fearing,family attached,social&fun loving girl. She respects elders. District level badminton player& athletic....
IYER213 - Sandhya | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: Sandhya Age: 22
Dob : 1992-04-23 Native : Tirunelveli
Color: Brown Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 50 Rasi: Dhanusu
Gothra: Garga Nakshatram: Puratam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Puratam
Education: Diploma in Fashion Design Profession: Business Development Professional
About Bride: ...
IYER38 - R.Usha | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: R.Usha Age: 28
Dob : 1986-01-23 Native : Kumbakonam
Color: Brown Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 70 Rasi: Midunam
Gothra: Srivatsam Nakshatram: Thiruvathirai
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Thiruvathirai
Education: B.E (EEE ) Profession: Software
About Bride: She is gold medallist in her studies and done GNitt. Presently working as project manager in sap quality testing with Mnc in Chennai...
IYER160 - SHILPA | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: SHILPA Age: 26
Dob : 1988-10-01 Native : Other
Color: White Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 58 Rasi: Rishabam
Gothra: KAUNDINYA Nakshatram: Mirugachesam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Mirugachesam
Education: BE. MS (Biotechnology) Profession: Was working in USA till recently
About Bride: My daughter has just returned from USA after completing her MS and working there for 2 years. She is trying for HIB visa and plan to go back to USA....
IYER154 - Sneha | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: Sneha Age: 26
Dob : 1988-02-16 Native : Tirunelveli
Color: White Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 56 Rasi: Mesham
Gothra: Bharadwaj Nakshatram: Thiruvonam
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Thiruvonam
Education: BE, MBA, CFA Profession: Investment Research Analyst
About Bride: Our daughter is well qualified and is working for a MNC Bank in Mumbai. She is our only child. She loves reading books and listening to music. She has been a topper in her studies all her life....
IYER43 - Aarthi Balsubramanian | Last login: 34 days ago

Name: Aarthi Balsubramanian Age: 23
Dob : 1991-05-25 Native : Tirunelveli
Color: Pink Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 50 Rasi: Thulam
Gothra: Kowsikam Nakshatram: Chittirai
Subcaste: Vadama Nakshatram: Chittirai
Education: CA{waiting forfinal results},A.C.S,B.Com Profession: Articled assistant
About Bride: We are native of daugther is a calm and reserved. Grandparents are at Udumalpet,Sri.S.Krishnan Rtd Tashildar.Father is working in Union Bank of India Pollachi and Mother is a house...

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